The 5-Point “Run The Rack” System for Explosive Muscle Growth

Add strength to any type of exercise with the special muscle pump method from Jim Stoppani. Do it with curls, raises, rows, presses, or any other dumbbell relocation you can invent. Choose your exercise and also increase your outcomes!

run the rack for muscle growth dumbbell lunges

Shocking a body component by “running the shelf” is a terrific way to stimulate new muscular tissue development, as well as it’s been around for years. However there’s more than one method to run a shelf! I have actually obtained a brand-new twist on this popular dumbbell training technique, which I call my “5-System” for running the shelf.

The “5” in the name represents two things: 5 representatives at once, as well as running the acquire and also back down in 5-pound dumbbell increments. Unlike the traditional way of running the rack, where you start with a heavy weight and associate your method down to a light one, below you’ll do both– and also you’ll feel the distinction.

Right here’s how it functions, and also my preferred moves to try it on.

The 5-System for Running the Shelf

Pick an exercise as well as choose a weight that’s relatively light for that step. For instance, in my video clip I begin with a 25-pound dumbbell for 5 representatives of single-arm swirls. For me, 25 pounds is light for a one-arm curl, but it’s all relative. If 25 pounds really feels rather heavy, and “light” for you implies a 10-pound or 15-pound dumbbell, then begin there. You want to start light, simply not so light that the very first numerous collections are extremely easy.

With your starting weight, do 5 associates with each arm. Quiting at 5 reps will certainly really feel as well simple at this light weight, but absolutely quit there. Don’t stress, it will certainly obtain tough very soon.

Without resting, go straight to the next, much heavier dumbbell– 30 pounds in my crinkle instance– and duplicate the series of 5 associates on each arm.

Proceed adding the rack in this fashion, 5 associates per arm at each 5-pound dumbbell increment, until you can no more do 5 representatives per arm with good form. Do not hesitate to do a pair rip off reps with the heaviest weight to reach 5 associates, yet maintain it to a minimum.

run the rack for muscle growth dumbbell rows

When 5 associates per arm is no longer occurring, it’s time to run the shelf in the contrary instructions. Allow’s say I had not been able to obtain 5 reps with good form with the 55-pound pinhead. I would certainly establish that weight down and go immediately to the 50-pounder for reps.

Now, en route pull back you may not reach 5 associates at every weight, particularly on those first couple collections where the weight is still quite hefty, since your muscles will be fatigued at this point. On these sets, just go to failure if you can’t get to 5 associates, then switch over arms and most likely to the next lighter pinhead.

When you’re back to your lightest weight, associate it out to failing. All those 5-rep collections will have your muscles howling now, to ensure that last set to failing with the lightest weight will certainly be your burnout.

That’s it. Up and down the shelf once suffices, trust me!

Just how to Obtain one of the most Out of the 5-System

The 5-System can be provided for virtually any type of body part, and also any pinhead workout: swirls, one-arm rows, side elevates, front increases, shrugs, above triceps muscles expansions, simply to call a handful.

I advise doing one-arm variations of the workout you select so that the non-working arm gets a remainder– albeit it a short one– while the other is working. I’m not discussing rotating arms every other representative, as in rotating dumbbell curls. I suggest using just one pinhead at a time as well as doing all associates with one arm while the other arm gets a full rest without holding any weight.

I typically prefer utilizing standing exercises with this approach since it enables you to move quicker between sets without investing extra time rising and also down off a seat or bench. You can definitely use seated workouts as well, specifically if you desire to educate your breast using the 5-System technique, given that there’s actually no standing upper body workouts you can do with a dumbbell.

run the rack for muscle growth dumbbell biceps curls

Here are my preferred moves for each body component using this system:


Single-Arm Dumbbell Row

Dumbbell Straight-Arm Pull-Back


Dumbbell Curl

DB Hammer Curl


One-Arm Dumbbell Press (level bench or incline).

One-Arm Dumbbell Fly (level bench or slope).


Dumbbell Step-Up

DB Reverse Lunge

Dumbbell Bulgarian Split Squat (back foot up on a bench or box).

Single-Leg Squat


Dumbbell Side Raise

DB Front Raise

Dumbbell Bent-Over Rear-Delt Raise

One-Arm Dumbbell Overhead Press


Dumbbell Shrug


Standing Overhead DB Triceps Expansion

Dumbbell Kick-Back

Depending upon your degree of training, one time via the 5-System can either be integrated right into your routine as the last exercise for a muscle mass team, and even as your whole workout for the muscle team– particularly if you’re short promptly.

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